Commercial Insurance

Over the last 40 years, Peeples has covered just about every kind of business and we know there is no one-size-fits-all commercial insurance. Our agents will evaluate needs and risks from all sides to match your needs with the coverage that is just right for your business for the best price. Commercial insurance can cover everything from theft to pollution liability to hurricane damage. Based your specific needs, Peeples will find a policy that covers absolutely everything you need it to, without charging you for something you don’t.

Our experienced agents will explain your risks and provide the best possible options for your business. We will utilize our knowledge and relationships to protect your commercial property and assets. You have plenty to worry about with your business, but with Peeples, insurance won’t be one of them.

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Property Insurance

Everything from theft of office computers to a burst pipe on property, commercial property insurance covers the surprises that can impact your business. Property insurance is crucial to re-establish business as usual after an unforeseen incident. Peeples knows the most common issues in Southwest Florida, and can make sure your business is covered for the natural or man made disasters specific to our area.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Incorporating company cars or fleet cars into your business is a exciting step, but it also opens a whole new category of liability. It is important to cover commercial vehicles separately from personal vehicles, because they are utilized more frequently and exposed to more risk. Peeples will customize your policy to suit your needs and specific vehicles.

Mandy Franklin is an absolute pleasure to deal with as she is extremely knowledgeable and unbelievably helpful and friendly . Absolutely awesome and I would recommend her to everyone for your insurance needs! —Timothy Enos

General Liability Insurance

Whether you start a business in your garage or have a bustling office, it is important to always have general liability insurance. General liability can protect from claims both on the premises and caused by products or property offsite. One claim could prove disastrous for a company in its infancy. Allow Peeples to find you the right general liability insurance for the right price.

Contractors and Architects Looking at Construction Drawings

Builder's Risk Insurance

Builders take on unique risks during construction. Builder’s risk insurance provides coverage for the structure and the equipment while its under construction. Buildings are even more vulnerable to natural disasters and vandalism before they are completed. Builder’s risk insurance is intended to protect the builder from losses in the case of fire, wind, or theft. For Florida businesses, Builder’s risk insurance is especially critical during hurricane season.

Excess Liability

Excess liability insurance is intended to cover amounts greater than those covered by the underlying liability policy. Excess liability will not cover more incidents or risks, but it will add to the amount that would be covered in the event of a claim. Excess liability insurance prevents larger out of pocket costs for the business owner in the case of a major claim.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance protects you and your company from work-related accidents and injuries. When you are ready to begin the hiring process, you need to establish your workers compensation insurance. Peeples has worked with businesses in a variety of fields and know how to tailor an insurance policy to suit your business and your employees.

Professional Liability

Sometimes referred to as errors and omissions insurance, professional liability insurance protects against claims that a client has suffered financially because of a mistake by your company. Personal liability is often utilized in cases where clients claim misrepresentation or negligence. Peeples has assembled professional liability policies for all kinds of companies and can specify the coverage to your business’ needs.