Property Insurance

Peeple’s Property Insurance allows you the peace of mind to enjoy your home, car, boat, or personal property without fear of damage or loss. At Peeple’s Insurance, we want to ensure you have the right policy for all of your property. We take the time to listen to your needs and your concerns to provide you with your best options. We tailor each insurance plan to what suits your life and family best.

Our independent agents are able to offer you the most appropriate coverage because they can examine options from many national insurance companies. You will get insurance options based on your personal needs. We partner with the world’s most respected names in insurance and use our personal service to bring you the best possible options. Peeple’s combines the resources of large companies with the personal touch of hands-on representatives to serve our community.

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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance in Florida changed drastically after the devastation of Hurricane Andrew. We work to provide you with the best coverage available for your most valuable asset — your home. At Peeples, we partner with top insurance companies to pair the specific aspects of your home with the available discounts to keep your premium low with top-rate coverage.

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Waterfront Condominiums In Sarasota Florida

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is highly recommended even if your condominium association has their own policy. Your individual condo unit needs coverage as well, and we are happy to recommend insurance that is just right for you. Condo insurance is specifically tailored to the interior of your condo and your personal belongings. Condo insurance policies can protect you from break-ins or water damage.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance will protect you from one of the most devastating events that can occur in your home. Flood insurance goes beyond homeowner’s insurance to protect your property and belongings from water damage. Unfortunately, floods are impacting more people than ever, and it is crucial to make sure you are covered. Peeples will find the proper flood insurance for your zoning, risk, and budget.  

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Rental Property Insurance

Rental properties are intended to act as an investment for the owner, so protect your rental income! Rental property insurance will protect your asset in case of damage, theft, or on-site injury. Rental properties are not suited to traditional homeowners or condo insurance and need their own specialized policy. Peeples will find the right policy for your rental.

This is the BEST insurance agency ever!! Jennifer helped me establish home owners insurance on my rental at a great Price and most importantly, coverage that makes me feel peace of mind on my investment if anything were to happen. My rental had coverage in less than a couple hours. Jennifer is super fast, kind, and professional. I will definitely use them again on my other home in the near future. —Teddy Earl

Vacant Land Insurance

Even before you build on it, vacant land can still be vulnerable and should be covered. The most common risk for vacant land is bodily injury and we want to make sure you are protected from possible lawsuits. Peeples is proud to offer options for vacant land insurance to protect this valuable asset.


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Homes In A Mobile Home Park In Florida

Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile and manufactured homes are an increasingly popular option for homeowners. They are just as vulnerable to fires, floods, and theft as traditional homes and should be protected just like a traditional home. Peeples Insurance is happy to find the perfect insurance policy for your mobile or manufactured home.

Builder's Risk Insurance

Builders take on significant risk during construction and need to be covered for every aspect of the project. A good Builders Risk policy will include building coverage, general liability, equipment damage, and changes in regulations. Peeples will find a comprehensive policy to ensure your building project is a success!

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Renters Insurance

Renters are not immune to the same dangers as homeowners. While the landlord likely has insurance for the building, the renters’ belongings are still vulnerable. With Peeple, renter’s insurance makes it easy and affordable to protect your belongings and electronics. The biggest concerns for renters are typically theft, fire, and water damage, all of which can be covered under Renters insurance.

Absolutely amazing, positive, pleasant, professional agency. JENNIFER IS THE BEST. She got us a great quote within 30 min when our current agent said it would take 3 months to find an agency that would insure us because we have 2 dogs. She took care of every detail. I highly recommend Jennifer and her staff. —Sharon Day

Jewelry/Art Insurance

For the finer things in your life, you should have a separate insurance policy that does not lump them in with the rest of your personal property. Under generic personal property insurance, your high-value items may be subject to deductibles and capped on their replacement value. Based on appropriate appraisals, Peeples can find a policy best suited for your jewelers and art.


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