Auto Insurance

Your auto is likely your largest tangible asset after your house and property. Not only are vehicles valuable, but almost constantly vulnerable. Any time your car, truck or RV spends out of the garage is time it could be involved in an accident, theft, or acts of nature. The more vehicles you own, the more comprehensive coverage you will need. Peeples Insurance will protect your vehicles on and off the road. Our experienced agents know which policies to recommend for your family, cars, and any recreational vehicles. Our goal is to make vehicle insurance simple to understand while ensuring you have exactly the coverage you need. Peeples insures everything from the car you take to work to the RV you drive across the country.

Personal Auto Insurance

Americans spend an average of 293 hours a year in their cars. Don’t let a minute of that go by without the proper auto insurance. Protect your car and yourself for all that time your are on the road and the time that you car could get damaged when parked outside. Peeple’s is here to match you and your car with the best policy for the right price.

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I've priced my auto and condo insurance with a number of different carriers and Jen found someone who beat them all. Allstate was number 1 for a long time with the best rate. Was paying $2,692/year for 2 cars. Jen found a carrier for $2,004/YEAR! She got me a rate on my condo at $546/year. I was paying $748 for 6 months! I'm having her price my home and motorcycle as I write this. Big savings so far! —Paul DeFelice

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Golf Cart Insurance

Golf carts can bring a lot of fun to a round of golf or a ride around the block, but they can also bring more liability. Just like any other vehicle, your golf cart and anyone who may be driving it should be covered. Peeples makes it easy to get the right insurance, so you can go back to practicing your downswing.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles represent a sense of adventure and freedom, but they still need to be covered with liability insurance. There are a few ways motorcycle insurance differs from auto insurance. For instance, motorcycle drivers can have off-season coverage for when bikes get tucked away in the garage for the winter and receive discounts for motorcycle endorsements on their license. Peeples knows every option and will find the right policy for you and your motorcycle.

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RV Insurance

RVs are a great way to hit the open road and explore. They come in a wide variety of sizes with amazing features, including high-value technology which can be a target for theft. To ensure your RV and your road trips are protected, you need the right insurance. Peeples can help you navigate the world of RV insurance, so you can focus on navigating the world.

Tractor Insurance

Tractors are a large investment for a farm and need to be covered for any damage. Tractors are especially vulnerable to weather-related damages and extreme wear. Insurance can cover repairs or replacements of equipment if need be and can protect from theft or vandalism. Tractor coverage can also extend to liability in the case of an accident. Peeples will work to keep your tractor working for you.

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Boat Insurance

Boats can be a lot of fun, but they can still be a liability on the dock, behind your car, or out on the water. Boat insurance can cover a range of incidents from hull damage to boating accidents. Insurance should be customized to the specific type and size of the boat. Peeples can help make sure that your policy is right for your craft.

I am planning to relocate to Florida in the near future. I knew very little about good auto and home insurance companies that are active in Florida. Amanda not only furnished me with all the data I needed to make an educated decision but did so with a degree of kindness and enthusiasm that was heart warming.Her promptness, courtesy & thoroughness are commendable. I feel fortunate to have come across Peeples Insurance agency. They are true professionals! —Srinath Bellur

Antique, Classic, and Vintage Cars

Your beautiful luxury vehicle should not be left vulnerable to any damage in or out of the garage. Antique and classic cars have their own specialized insurance because they are not used the same as an everyday car, and yet are usually more valuable. Whether your classic car is your weekend project or the star of every car show, Peeples can help you find the perfect policy.

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